A Comprehensive guide to the Mattresses for Heavy People

To work thoroughly throughout the day, a person must have a proper and restful sleep. However, you can have a comfortable sleep only if you are using the right mattress for your bed. There is a wide range of mattresses which can be utilized by persons depending on their age, weight, shape and sleeping posture preference. Mattresses needed for heavy people are generally different from those required by lighter people. So, we provide a guide for the best mattress for heavy people.

Different weights are considered to be heavy for an individual based on his/ her body type. Hence, weight plays an important role in deciding the type of mattress to buy. You must always use such mattresses which would provide you with a relaxing and restful sleep without making you suffer from sore neck or back injury. There are special mattresses for heavy people which are made of certain materials that make them the most comfortable mattresses for heavy people. Following is given a list of the mattresses that are best for the heavy people:

  • SimplyRest AS2
  • Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series
  • Casper’s The Wave
  • WinkBeds
  • Saatva

These are some of the mattresses which are excessively thick and formed of high-grade foam along with additional cooling layers and wrapped coils. As a heavy person, you must always look for mattresses that are thicker than 10 inches, preferably 12 inches. Mattresses having multiple layers provide more support to your body. Hence, these multi-layered mattresses will facilitate a deep and restful sleep to heavier people. 

However, after utilization of mattresses for years, it may start to slump. As a mattress begins to sag it will not provide proper comfort to your body. It is recommended for a heavy person to buy a medium firm or very firm mattress, as because this type of mattresses usually counterbalance the effect produced due to sagging. However, while buying a new mattress, you should adhere to those which prevent sagging. If you are looking for best Memory foam mattress 2020 check out.